Learn to Fly!

From Private Pilot’s license all the way to Commercial Pilot’s license, Jeff Air has you covered. Call or email and learn how we can work together to make your dreams in the sky come true.

Discovery Flight!

Experience a 30 minute flight to Discover the thrill of flight.  One to three people can fly with one if our Certified Flight Instructors for an introductory flight lesson.  You may be hooked!

Bucket List!

This program gets you around 10 hours of flight instruction along with a few hours of ground instruction along the way. After the ground instruction and the 10 hours of flight instruction most students are ready to try a solo flight! For most students we can get you to your solo flight for just under $2,000!

Youth Program

Jeff Air Pilot Services, LLC is proud to be a part of helping students explore the joy of aviation.  Along with the EAA Chapter 1354, Jeff Air offers an Aviation and Engineering Course for students ages 13-15 years old.  The Course has a nominal fee of $125.00 to cover course materials. The instructors volunteer their time and provide an excellent environment to learn about the possibilities in aviation.

Ground School

We offer Private Pilot Ground Schools, Instrument Ground School, Certified Flight Instructor Ground School, as well as our Refresher course.

Come Fly With Us Today!

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