Flight Support

Aircraft Rental –

Here at Jeff Air we strive to provide easy and affordable aircraft rental to our customers, starting at only a little over $125 an hour!

Friendly, professional people who treat their customers right.

Doug Huntly


Aircraft Services:

  • Aircraft Rental And Sales
  • Crew Lounge
  • Flight Planning Room
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Pre-Heating
  • Cargo Loading/Unloading With Forklift
  • Ground Power Unit (Battery Cart)
  • Large Ramp Space
  • Gov. Contract Fuel
  • Aircraft Maintenance (Provided by:¬†http://www.bradleyaircraftcompany.com/ )
  • WSI Weather
  • Parking/Overnight Hangars and Tie-Downs


  • On-Site Rental Cars
  • Limo Leasing
  • Crew Cars
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Catering Available


  • Wi-Fi
  • Conference Rooms Available
  • After Hours Call Outs
  • On Field Restaurant


Jeff Air offers JetA (3.87/GL) as well as 100LL ($4.88/GL) fuel. Earn wing points with every fuel up to keep your wings in the air!

Greenwood Airport

Columbus Airport

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